Learn Computer Programming Today!


Coding is fun, like doing puzzles, creative, rewarding.

I can help you learn over the Internet, or in Melbourne.

We'll write fun, useful programs from the beginning,
with graphics, sound, net, algorithms, processing, math...


Okay, so how much will it hurt?  That depends...

$30 / hour for coding work
$20 / hour for teaching
$5 / hour to help (a little) while you work
free, if you're keen, and I have time

Sam Watkins <sam@aiki.info>  ←  contact me!

Learning can be fun!  I teach to your interests.

Musician?  let's make a new effects processor.

Play games?  we can code Pacman Vs. Lemmings!

Demos and screensavers are fun, quick, and easy.

If you study physics, let's do some simulations.

Comms and graphics?  let's write a graphical wiki.

Learning a language?  Vocab by reading, translating chat.

I have lots of ideas, and I'm sure you do too.

We can do homework, paid jobs, free projects.

I can help you find paid work, and assist you to do it.

I can tutor you for math, physics, comp.sci.

I like to use Linux and C, but write portable code.

Programming is a great way to learn math and physics.  You can use
what you learn to do fun things with graphics, sound, games, simulations...
Your non-mathsy friends might be impressed:  "WOW! look at that!";
not the response you'd get with a bunch of equations.