to the Australian newspaper,

"For those who come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share.
With courage let us all combine to advance Australia fair."

You heard them sing at the Olympics.  Now go share those plains.

But, Overpopulation!  Boat people!  They'll steal our jobs!

What a joke.

Australia has the lowest population density of all the major countries, and as a result we are filthy rich.  Stuff-all people come by boat anyhow.  We can fit plenty more down under, nah worries mate.  Send some decent boats up North to pick them up.

The Aussie anthem doesn't say:  "For those who come across the seas, we'll send you to hellish off-shore concentration camps to rot forever.  Or walk back to your own arab country, and I hope the 'allied forces' shoot you."  That's NOT what it says, mate.

We can invest in women's rights and education overseas, to help other countries moderate their population growth.  That would be cheaper than Myki.  Scrap Myki and bring back conductors.  Public transport should be 'free', that's what tax is for.

But, Terrorists!  Weapons of Mass Distruction!  Boat People!

This is bullshit.  You were brainwashed.

Just be NICE to people; do not bomb and shoot them for no good reason (Afghanistan, Iraq); especially, don't bomb them with U238 radioactive waste, that's not neighbourly.

Do not overreact: 'an eye for an eye' is equivalent, that is the limit of revenge. Forgiveness is normally better.  >100,000 Iraqis and Afghanis for 1,000 9/11 victims, that is not Justice.  It was a massacre, a massive war crime against people who had absolutely nothing to do with that relatively very minor incident at 9/11.  Truth.

Do not put countries in usurious "national debt".  Do not pay such a burdonsome, usurious debt.  Do not invest in harming people like that.

If we're friendly to foreigners, and don't kill them or lock them up too much, no one will want to commit random violence against Australians.  It hardly ever happens anyway.  You're much more likely to get killed by a falling tree, or an expired fish curry.

Even in the US, which deserves more terrorism, it's just not a real issue, not a significant cause of death.  It's like barely a blip on the graph.  Eat less hot dogs.

The Australian parliament and trash media have again shown ignorance and savagery by rejecting the decent treatment of asylum seekers as proposed by Amnesty International, the Greens, the author of Schindler's Ark, and some other actual 'good guys'.  These people have investigated and condemned the prison camps here in Australia.  The camps are inhumane.  Off-shore prison camps can only be much worse.  It's simply wrong.

Hypocrisy.  The well-fed ruling white invaders will continue to reject miserable suffering refugees and hopeful immigrants.  We imprison them instead of helping them.  Send the Abbos back to Africa while you're at it, mate.  They don't belong here.

The asylum seekers, who left their own countries to seek help, must wait in hell (prison camp) for 90 years before they will get though 'the queue' and get a chance at refugee status.  It would be better for them to be slaves or prostitutes here, than locked up there.

Until this abominable abuse of refugees is corrected, until reparations are made to the people we've already harmed, I am ashamed to call myself "Australian".

Your newspaper should also be ashamed to be "The Australian".  It is a disgrace.

Now be nice, Australia.  Show some hospitality to our visitors, and help the unfortunate, like every decent country does already.